This page provides a short list of the services I offer. You can contact me through the feedback form below or in any way convenient for you on the contact page.

Technical audit and SEO optimization

Technical Site Audit is a set of activities aimed at researching a resource and identifying problems that interfere with website promotion. A technical audit is part of an SEO audit, which allows you to detect errors of a technical nature and lay a solid foundation for further effective promotion.
Website optimization means:
  • Source code analysis and optimization
  • Organization of internal linking
  • Recommendations for improving the site structure
  • Recommendations for usability and landing pages design
  • Recommendations for writing texts and composing titles
  • Recommendations for compiling a semantic core and distributing requests across pages
  • Other smaller, but very important points ...

Technical optimization cost

It is impossible to determine the cost in advance, so I will give approximate figures here so that you can at least get your bearings. I will be able to announce the final price to you only after I look at your site, conduct a simplified audit and determine the scope of work.

Only Technical Audit Technical optimization
from 10$ from 45$