The top 12 leading countries in alcohol consumption

Alcohol is probably one of the most popular drugs. And in each country, the culture of drinking is different, as are the laws governing it. In countries such as Spain, Italy, Chile, it is more common to consume wine because of the large number of vineyards. In the Scandinavian countries, ale has been used since ancient times, and beer is its analogue. Beer is widely distributed in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Belgium.

World Health Organization (WHO) conducted extensive research on alcohol consumption and found out which countries consume more alcohol and which practically do not.

Leading countries in alcohol consumption (liters per person)

The leader among the countries was Belarus, which is located in the center of Europe. Consuming an average of 14.4 liters of alcohol per person. And this is about 48 (0.3l bottle) bottles of vodka per person. It is interesting to note that the most drinking countries are in Europe. What is the reason for this? For example, the United States consumes only 8.7 liters per person.

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The top 12 leading countries in alcohol consumption

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