The Best websites to learn and practice English for free

Without long introductions, I want to show you my selection of sites. At each of the websites below, you can improve your English skills for free.

1. Memrise
The Memrise developers have done a wonderful job of creating a good platform for learning English. Memrise collected a large number of courses, video tutorials, and other materials. The site has a large community that will help you with any questions regarding the language. Applications for Android and IOS will allow you to continue learning wherever you are. The site also has a paid subscription, but it is not required and almost all the functionality is available free of charge.

The main page of

Example of learning words on the Memrise

The site uses technologies that allow you to memorize information easier.

2. Engvid
If you studied English a little on the Internet, then definitely you should know EngVid. The site has collected more than 1,400 unique videos for both beginners and advanced. Over this project worked 10 teachers and some of them from different countries. This means we will hear different variations of pronunciation in different countries. Many people know that every teacher of this project has its own YouTube channel, and if you are more comfortable to watch there, then you can subscribe to their channels.

But for me, it is more convenient to watch the video on the site, as there are filters that allow you to sort the video by level, topics, teachers.

3. Duolingo
Duolingo is one of the most popular platforms for learning the language. In addition to English, you can learn another 33 languages on the site. The study is constructed so that you step by step learn the words, grammar, pronunciation in an easy way. Duolingo is also available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

4. BBC Learning English
BBC Learning English is one of the oldest English learning projects. During the existence of the project there has accumulated a huge amount of materials that will raise your level of proficiency in the language. For those who like to listen there are podcasts 6 Minute English from BBC Learning English. Besides all video content is also published on its own YouTube channel.

5. Lingualeo
The project that was developed in Russia will allow you to immerse yourself in learning English most effectively. More than 250000 video, audio and text materials on one site. I especially liked: the method of learning words and a large database of books in English with the translation of words by click.

Unfortunately, worried this project is suitable only for native speakers of Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Russian.

6. VOA Learning English
The main advantage of this site is adapted news for different levels of language proficiency. Each news has an audio version for listening practice. In addition, VOA has its own video programs: English @ The Movies, Everyday Grammar TV, Let's Learn English, English in a Minute. All of the above is available on YouTube.

7. Bussu
This service is suitable for any language level. One of the features of this service is that you do not study words or grammar separately, and the emphasis is on memorizing conversational phrases. A plus will be the ability of the service to interact with other participants. You can add them as friends, chat, ask to check the pronunciation and tasks. Available as a web version, and for Android and IOS.

8. FluentU
This service will help you learn the language with the help of video content. Personally, I did not use this service, but according to reviews, I will say what it is worth trying. Subtitles are available for each video, which can be translated by clicking on the desired word. Available applications for smartphones.

Information from me

I had a great experience of using various services, applications, computer programs for learning English. But I could not use any of these services for more than two or three days, because they quickly became annoying. And the reason for this was a lot of responding factors in these services. I think this type of training is suitable for people with good willpower. The only site that I still use is EngVid. There are no games distracting your brain, and other things that supposedly help to learn the language. If you want to really increase your vocabulary and improve your English, then you only need a book, a dictionary, a pen, a notebook. If you want to improve your speaking and listening skills, you need podcasts, movies, and a person you can communicate with.

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