How to increase vocabulary in English (or any other language)

This article was written for non-native speakers like me, who want to improve their language skills. So I know a lot of people who are learning English, and they always ask the same question, "How to increase my vocabulary?". I'm not a big expert in English, but I know some tricks which will help you speed up your learning. If you like any of these methods and if you want to get a real result you need to practice it every day.

Read school books

This is one of my favorite methods to increase my vocabulary, and I will explain why. The first is that the books were written specifically for children. And if you still have a weak language level, then you can easily change the textbook to a grade below. For example, if books of the 8 grade are difficult for you, then take grade 7 or 6. For very beginners, there are pre-school books.

This is an example of an 8th grade literature textbook. A lot of illustrations and interesting explanations of difficult vocabulary.

And this is an example of a textbook on physics of grade 8. Look how simple they explained the difference between weight and mass.

All of these books I found on the internet. I don't think that it will be difficult for you to do the same too. And I still use them to learn something new (yeah new laughing ) and improve the language.

Watch movies and cartoons

I use this method when I am tired or just want to relax. You don't have to do anything, just watch and enjoy. But If I'm okay and don't want to procrastinate learning, I use the other methods. The main thing in this deal, watch what you like. Only then learning will not be so boring, and you will be happy to memorize the words you like.

I almost always use subtitles, but if I understand what is going on in the movie without subtitles, then I turn off them. I also want to recommend writing unfamiliar words, or just use a dictionary. In order to find a definition of the word, I use the Cambridge Dictionary. But you can use everything that you like.

Listen to podcasts

If you already do this, alright then relieved. But If you don't, please do. I often use public transport (train), and in order to spend time on the road with benefit, I listen to podcasts.

These are my two favorite apps for this (Player FM and Google Podcasts).

I want to say that finding a good podcast in English (or any other language) is quite difficult. I think because of the small number of authors (I don't know how to say correctly). If you find something you like, then that's great. But I didn't find such podcasts, and I listen to them with a little interest.

Use the Internet and your device to benefit

I think many who study the language have already switched their devices to the learning language. But I don't think that it is very useful. Because people continue to read (watch/listen) content from social networks in their native language. It's bad. If you watch Youtube, unsubscribe from all the channels in your native language (It distracts you). And find channels on the language you learn. Do the same with all social networks (if possible).
*Google also in the learning language.

Reddit - the place where you can find a lot of bad good new words.

Use what you learn or you will lose it

This is great if you have learned a new word, but if you do not use it, you will soon forget it. This is the main problem of all language learners. Therefore, quickly search for friends and communicate with them. Of course, If you have enough money, you can practice your English with a teacher. But if you don't have much money than you need to use free ways to practice your English. I think I will make a new article about it. Well, here are a couple of free sites where you can find friends and chat or speak (voice):,

Related videos:

In this article, I almost didn't give examples of useful resources. Need some? Ask me. I hope these methods will help you increase your vocabulary and improve your language skills. I want to remind you that I'm not a native speaker, and if you found some grammar mistakes in the article, please tell me about it in comments. Also If you have other ideas about the article, inform me.


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